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four Levels of Business


Get ready to supercharge your entrepreneurial journey with our high energy live virtual event: the "4 Levels of Business Masterclass." Join us as we delve deep into the essential skills you need to master at each level of business to unlock its full potential and achieve unprecedented success.

may 21, 2024 | 6:00 pm VIRTUALLY

Uncover the blueprint for entrepreneurial excellence as we explore the four distinct levels of business and the critical skills required to thrive at each stage:

Level 1: Employed
At the Employed level, you'll learn the fundamental skills of sales and marketing that are essential for driving growth and attracting customers. Discover proven strategies to effectively promote your products or services and increase your revenue streams.

Level 2: Self-Employed

As you transition to the Self-Employed level, you'll master the art of hiring and training employees to scale your business operations. Learn how to build a high-performing team that shares your vision and values, allowing you to focus on strategic growth initiatives.

Level 3: CEO

At the CEO level, leadership and branding take center stage. Explore the principles of effective leadership and develop your personal brand to position yourself as an authority in your industry. Gain insights into inspiring and motivating your team to achieve organizational goals while maintaining a cohesive brand identity.

Level 4: Owner

Finally, at the Owner level, you'll delve into wealth management and tax minimization strategies to safeguard and grow your hard-earned assets. Discover practical techniques to optimize your financial resources and minimize tax liabilities, ensuring long-term prosperity and financial security.



Ryan Stewman's financial journey began in 2004, leading him to successfully close thousands of transactions totaling over $250 million across his impressive 19-year career. Specializing in the intricate world of debt, Ryan possesses unique mastery, leveraging his expertise to guide clients through diverse financing needs.

Ryan, along with his wife Amy and their four children, calls the Dallas, Texas metroplex home, where Ryan has been anchored for over 44 years. As a founder of multiple eight-figure revenue corporations spanning real estate and software industries, Ryan currently oversees operations for five out of 63 companies.

Beyond finance, Ryan has amassed an impressive portfolio including over $5 million in Rolexes, $4 million in exotic cars, and a real estate portfolio valued at $150 million. Ryan's impact is profound, with over 81,000 individuals investing in his products and services since 2018.

In an industry clouded by facades, Ryan stands as a beacon of authenticity and genuine success, unmatched in his track record and expertise.

Why Attend?

Expert Guidance

Gain invaluable insights from industry experts who have successfully navigated each level of business and are eager to share their knowledge and expertise.

Interactive Learning

Engage in live discussions, interactive exercises, and real-world case studies that bring the concepts to life and empower you to apply them in your business.

Community Connection

Connect with entrepreneurs globally in a collaborative virtual space. Share experiences, ideas, and build relationships to drive your business forward.

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four Levels of Business


Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to accelerate your business growth and achieve unprecedented success.

Date: May 21, 2024

Time: 6:00 PM CST

Duration: 60 minutes

Location: Virtually via Zoom

What is

Million Dollar Mastermind?

Welcome to Million Dollar Mastermind 2024! This event isn't about the flash or the hype; it's about concrete, tactical information that has paved the way for 8, 9, and even 10-figure success stories. You will get the insider's roadmap to monumental success. This is your exclusive opportunity to learn directly from the titans of industry, the visionaries who have transcended the conventional to build empires!

Industry Giants Over Gurus: Real Success Stories

Prepare to dive deep into the core components of scaling any business:

  • KPIs

  • Sales scrips

  • Marketing strategies

  • SOPs

  • Score cards

  • Time management

  • Exit strategies

  • Private Equity requirements

Elite Networking: Connect, Collaborate, Conquer

It's not just about the knowledge. Million Dollar Mastermind 2024 is about positioning yourself among the right circle—the real industry leaders who understand that the foundation of billion-dollar success is often in the meticulous execution of what many might dismiss as 'boring.' It's about making the connections that count, with individuals who are not just talking the talk but have walked the walk, from the ground up to the stratosphere of their industries.

Where Education And Entertainment Converge 

At MDM24, immerse yourself in the unique blend of groundbreaking educational content and electrifying live music performances. This vibrant mix of learning and entertainment crafts an unforgettable experience that stimulates both your intellect and your senses.